Fates Benett

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  • Lure = Artificial flies
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

  • The combination of nostalgic taste and the latest technology elevates the fly rod to a new dimension.
  • The flexible and nimble casting feel allows you to feel the unity of rod and line, and the action is exciting every time you approach.
  • From the cast to the run-in with the fish, you can experience the "joy of bending.
  • This series incorporates the universality of fly fishing and the essence of modern technology, and is aimed at anglers who cherish the encounter with a fish and the enjoyment of using it as a tool.


  • Feature is made of ultra-low modulus carbon material, realizing a feeling as close as possible to that of glass material.
  • The tenacity close to that of glass material forms a torquey loop, while at the same time providing the nimble maneuverability of carbon material.
  • It matches a wide range of lines with deep pockets, and is useful in a wide range of situations from short to medium distances.
  • The cork grip is a short Ritz type.
  • The reel seat is a cap and ring type.
  • The thread above the name has a decorative winding at 1 foot (approx. 30.3 cm) from the grip end, which can be used as an indicator when you catch a memorable size.
    *Target models: FB6104-#2/3, FB744-#3/4.

Rod description and use:

  • FB6104-#2/3

    • Short model for small mountain streams, river overgrown with tall grass , and mountain streams
    • Set #2 line in high pressure rivers for a delicate finesse feel, or #3 line for a light, fast-paced fishing style.
    • The grassy feel action facilitates torquey roll casting and control of leaders from 13ft to 16ft. Also recommended for Oikawa fishing in called Satogawa . that is a calm stream that flows through human settlements and rural areas
  • FB744-#3/4

    • All-round model for Satogawa and mountain streams
    • Suitable for delicate style fishing for landlocked salmon in early spring with #3 line, and for large tele-striking flies in summer with #4 line.
    • With its suppleness like a glass rod, it allows anglers to enjoy thrilling game fishing.
    • 14ft to 18ft leader can be controlled, and the action is designed to enable long casting when targeting rising fish or when anglers cannot get close to the water during drought conditions.
  • FB864-#4/5

    • Main stream dry to wet model
    • For dry flies, this model can control long leaders up to 20 ft. and is effective for targeting large trout with long drifts.
    • For down-crossing wet flies, its supple action captures the fish's beliefs without repelling them.
    • It is useful in various situations from targeting large trout to C&R areas in winter, which has been increasing in recent years, to pulling soft hackle in controlled fishing areas.


( m [ft])
FB6104-#2/3 #2/3 2.08[6'10"] 4 Ritz 1.7 55.5 52 86/14
FB744-#3/4 #3/4 2.24[7'4"] 4 Ritz 1.7 59.0 57 86/14
FB864-#4/5 #4/5 2.59[8'6"] 4 Ritz 1.9 68.5 68 86/14