Fates Stream Walker

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  • Lure = Artificial flies
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

    • You can meet various scenes in Japanese streams.
    • For example, cherry salmon at stream of mountain village in spring, and char at mountain stream in summer.
    • And sometimes anglers encounter bushy rivers or reedy mountain areas.
    • TENRYU produces Fates Streamwalker with a special action designed to correspond to various conditions, after repeating a test
  • Rod description and use:

    • FSW663-4 (BOSAGAWA SP)

      • Effective for aiming at big fish hiding behind difficult areas to access, such as bushy river of side streams and reedy mountain areas
      • Short rod easy to control
      • Semi-parabolic action allowing anglers to make tight loop to cast fly, and casting leading line at short range
      • Small closed length, suitable for stream trekking at headstream
    • FSW733-4 (MOUNTAIN TREK)

      • Best rod for catching char going up mountain stream smoothly
      • Having fast action to cast accurate point to catch char at various places such as under big rock or at the end of stream
      • Enabling to drift long leading line from 14 to 16 feet, to prevent flies from receiving excessive load
    • FSW793-4 (CONQUEST FLOW)

      • Rod effective in various situation of mountain stream fishing, such as cherry salmon at middle part of stream, or char at little narrow area of upstreams
      • Enabling to handle long leading line from 16 to 18 feet for ensuring long casting at wide fishing area
      • Preventing hooked fish from coming off by bending from middle to butt part
    • FSW823-4 (LONG DRIFT)

      • Effective for catching cherry salmon staying at slow-flowing stream
      • Easy to complete reach cast, inverted U-shaped cast and fly line mending, to drift long leading line and tippet for a long time
      • Easy loop control under various conditions of fishing spots
      • Preventing the hooked fish from coming off by supple tip and middle part, which move according to side-to-side action of cherry salmon


    ( m [ft])
    ROD WT
    FSW663-4 #3 1.98[6'6"] 4 Single Hand 1.2 52 46 79/21
    FSW733-4 #3 2.21[7'3"] 4 Single Hand 1.4 58 52 79/21
    FSW793-4 #3 2.36[7'9"] 4 Single Hand 1.4 62 53 79/21
    FSW823-4 #3 2.49[8'2"] 4 Single Hand 1.4 65 55 79/21