JIG-ZAM Deep Rider Black Limited

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  • Lure = Jigs
  • Purplish amberjack
  • Japanese amberjack
  • Yellow tail
  • Big blue back fishes

Rod Concept:

  • As part of 10th anniversary of “JIG-ZAM” series, TENRYU adds special models called “Black Limited” to “JIG-ZAM Deep Rider (JDR)” models which are popular for offshore jigging to develop the feeling of our gratitude to users who have helped us a lot so far.
  • Black-themed design for long lasting use and not touched by fashion
    • Deep jet-black painted blank
    • Winding check and rings anodized in matte-black color
    • Reel Seat with non-slip matte-black paint
Three-year warrantee
The regular TENRYU rods have one-year warrantee after purchase, but JIG-ZAM Deep Rider Black Limited series have three-year warrantee after purchase.
Please be informed that these models are released in a limited quantity and will not be produced again.


Insistence on the improved fishing performance
  • Taking importance on improving fishing performance, rather than just decollating
    A fundamental design idea of “Black Limited” is long-lasting use where anglers can enjoy fishing without being anxious about troubles
    • Blank, as the key of rod, has the action inherited from the existing JDR model (Its action is highly loved by our users for a long time).
      Instead, TENRYU decided to further improve rod performance by rebalancing each part, etc
  • Having Titanium frame K-series guides
    • The existing JDR models have "Super Ocean Guide", which are highly regarded for offshore rods (Some models have K-series guide on top part).
  • All the models have double foot guides.
    • To maintain strength enough to prevent the guides breakage during transportation or by some minor factors
      * Producing only 5 models that have passed our strength tests considering the special shape of K-series guides

<Effects with Titanium frame guides>
Total weight of the guides (for JDR581S-4)

Super Ocean guide15.7g
Titanium frame K-series guide12.4g

It has become easier to control the jig, because the weight balance shifts toward grip thanks to lightweight guides. This reduces angler's fatigue even after fishing for a long time.

<Foregrip being embossed>

  • To prevent rod handle from being slippy due to slack caused by salt water or fish slime
<Reel seat with double nut>
  • Reel seat with double nut (regular slide hood and original lock nut) to prevent the loosing
     (The existing JDR models has “Long Nut”.)

Rod description and use:

  • JDR581S-3BL discontinued in Jan.2015

    • Essential rod for inshore jigging
    • Semi-parabolic action
    • Effective for fishing middle-sized migrants (approx.5kg) with jigs approx.100g
    • Versatile rod used also for jiggling rod and reeling with a single jerk
  • JDR581S-4BL discontinued in Jan.2015

    • Designed for inshore jigging at relatively shallow sea areas, which requires angler’s power to fish
    • Helping anglers to jerk jigs (approx.120g) sharply, so it is effective to catch fish 7-9 kg at shallow sea areas of rocky points at the sea bottom
    • Fish 5kg or less to be caught and lifted easily, withstanding pulling power of fish
  • JDR631S-3BL discontinued in Jan.2015

    • Blank suitable for catching fish mainly at shallow sea area
      • bending supple
      • creating very fine timing for target fish to bite jigs (by sliding jigs horizontally)
    • Semi-parabolic action
      • minimizing burden anglers may feel
      • helping anglers to jerking slackline easily with using metal jigs
    • Rod maintaining tenacity that JIG-ZAM series rods originally have
  • JDR631S-5BL discontinued in Jan.2015

    • Sharp and powerful blank with medium fast action, giving lively action to actuate jigs
    • Tip section: much more sensitive than other rods used with 5-ounce lures
    • Butt section: much more powerful than other rods used with 5-ounce lures, which helps anglers to handle the rod without being affected by power of giant fish
    • Rods helping anglers to handle jigs as they want even under the following conditions
      • at deep sea area
      • ship moves whichever the way very heavy wind blows
  • JDR581B-4BL discontinued in Jan.2015

    • Powerful blank effective for jigging at shallow sea areas inshore
    • Helping anglers to reel with a single jerk sharply using jigs approx.150g, and to catch fish over 5kg at shallow sea areas surrounded by rocky points


( m [ft])
2015JDR581S-3BL S 1.72[5'8"] 1 R 172 45-150 PE1-3 5 495  2.2  165  80/20
2015JDR581S-4BL S 1.72[5'8"] 1 R 172 60-180 PE1.5-4 7 495  2.4  199  79/21
2015JDR631S-3BL S 1.90[6'3"] 1 R 190 45-180 PE1-3 5 495  2.2  203  90/10
2015JDR631S-5BL S 1.90[6'3"] 1 RF 190 60-200 PE1.5-4 7.5 495  2.6  209  90/10
2015JDR581B-4BL B 1.72[5'8"] 1 R 172 60-180 PE1.5-4 7 400  2.2  189  79/21