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  • Lure = Jig heads / Seabass minnows
  • Seabass

Rod Concept:

  • Models with “Individuality”
    • Consisting of various kinds of models; the ones with concept evolved from our existing SWAT series models, and the ones made for new fishing style
    • Being genuine, royal and very individual
    • Having the best blank (among SWAT series), which is made by the newest technology and two seasons of intensive development
    • Five models released according to fishing style, focusing on fishing at bay area and big rivers
  • rod power


  • Tenacious rod inherited from old type SWAT series
  • Having K series guide (KL, KT, KW guides)
  • Reel seat attached on grip so comfortably that anglers feel as if grip’s originally equipped with reel

Rod description and use:

  • SW71ML (Jerkin') discontinued in Jan.2018

    • Designed for jerking at relatively inactive fish
    • Minimizing burdens anglers may feel by frequent attacking
    • Taking importance on easy handling of lures
    • Having guides with big rings, for using with thick leading lines and nylon fishing lines
  • SW83LML (Tidal Walker) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Effective for wading at rivers and “run and gun” fishing at bay areas (inherited from SW83L)
    • Used in various ways by having power between L and ML
    • Being lightweight to ensure easy handling
    • Butt made from higher modulus graphite material, helping anglers to at accurate points
  • SW88MLM (High Tension Dragger) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Designed for rough fight with big fish such as giant seabass
    • Mainly used in big rivers and strong current
    • Receiving pulling power of fish by the rod, without releasing fishing line from reel very long
    • Having semi-parabolic action to reduce burden that may be applied to fishing lines
    • Thick blank to withstand power that big fish has
  • SW91L (Tradist) discontinued in Jan.2018

    • Refined from traditional seabass rod’s action
    • Special for retrieving with sensitive tip, parabolic action and sufficient butt power
    • Guide with large ring enough to be used with nylon line
    • For expert anglers who do not miss few bites at rivers or tideland
  • SW92M (Overambitious) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Rod for rough fight at strong current and tidal area
    • With power and long casting ability
  • SW97ML (Exceed of Distance) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Ensuring long casting under severe fishing conditions such as spots near urban neighborhood
    • Sensitive tip to prevent the hooked fish from coming off (improved from SWAT distance SWD96ML)
    • Strengthened butt and rod’s middle part, to ensure the target fish is hooked firmly even at farther ranges
    • Effective for using with tail spins or metal jigs in addition to standard plugs
  • SW107ML (Variable Master) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Having the following characters even under rough/changeable fishing conditions such as windy or turbulent ones (e.g. windy surf, estuary of big swollen rivers):
      • Sufficient casting distance
      • Handling lures stably without being pushed up too high from wave
      • Tip holding the hooked fish firmly
  • SW83LML-BC (Tidal Walker) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Tuned-up from existing SW83LML (Tidal-Walker) which is easy to control and helps accurate casting
    • Used for aiming at various kinds of structures such as bridge support, sea berth, wharf and piles of bay areas or middle/small sized rivers
    • Good at effective “run & gun”, enabling immediate casting, while taking advantages of baitcasting reels
  • SW88H-BC (Limit Breaker) discontinued in Jun.2020

    • Hi-Power rod with big bait, more than SW88MLM (High Tension Dragger)
    • Designed for catching gibel, dotted gizzard shad and ayu going downstream to spawn
    • Suitable for distinctive techniques of baitcasting, such as extending line to downstream
    • Usable even with thick fishing line, helping anglers to fight with powerful fish


( m [ft])
2018SW71ML S (Type:A) 2.16[7'1"] 2 (D.H) R 178 8-35 8-16 0.6-1.2 335 1.8 121 87/13
2020SW83LML S (Type:A) 2.51[8'3"] 2 RF 129 6-30 6-14 0.6-1 335 1.6 117 89/11
2020SW88MLM S (Type:A) 2.64[8'8"] 2 R 135 8-40 8-16 0.8-1.5 400 2.0 136 88/12
2018SW91L S (Type:A) 2.77[9'1"] 2 R 142 5-25 6-12 0.6-1 335 1.6 136 85/15
2020SW92M S (Type:A) 2.79[9'2"] 2 RF 143 10-45 10-20 0.8-1.5 400 1.8 146 95/5
2020SW97ML S (Type:B) 2.92[9'7"] 2 RF 149 8-35 8-16 0.6-1.2 435 1.8 161 89/11
2020SW107ML S (Type:B) 3.23[10'7"] 2 RS 164 10-35 8-16 0.6-1.2 435 2.0 175 89/11
2020SW83LML-BC B (Type:C) 2.51[8'3"] 2 RF 129 6-30 6-14 0.6-1 300 1.6 129 89/11
2020SW88H-BC B (Type:D) 2.64[8'8"] 2 R 135 12-70 12-35 1-3 300 2.2 178 88/12