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  • Lure = Small minnows
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

  • Practical rods for exploring creeks for trout
    • Offering various rods (with individual characters) according to fishing style
    • Easy handling of lures to enjoy fighting with trout
    • Blank’s action improved close to the “best” condition, taking lessons from the past
  • Rod power


  • Being slim, lightweight, tensile/strong and having parabolic action
  • Offering various types according to fishing style
  • Tasteful blank color glowing dark green in the light
<Guide System>
  • Having Titanium frame K series guide with small SiC rings for the following purposes:
    • To reduce rod weight
    • To release fishing line smoothly
  • Guides fitting on blank so comfortably that anglers feel as if actuating a blank w/o guides
  • Having unique shape
  • Individual cross-grained design, being made with natural material

Rod description and use:

  • RZ39LL discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Length suitable for casting at narrow area such as bushy river
    • Quick and accurate casting by various casting manners
    • Usable with small minnow plugs in various weight
    • Butt power overwhelming fish more than 1 foot (30cm), even with extremely slim blank
  • RZ53UL discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Designed to use mainly at headstream and creeks, with lightweight lures only
    • Slim, sharp and having butt restraining excessive movement, helping anglers to cast very accurately
    • Sensitive enough to use with lightclass lines approx. 1lb
    • Powerful butt enough to withstand power of target fish more than 1 foot in length
  • RZ56L discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Versatile rod to be used at whole creeks, with heavyweight plugs/spoons and deep diving lures (opposed to RZ53UL)
    • Extremely slim rod with tensile/strong blank that ensures accurate casting
      (inherited from TENRYU existing Jerkin’ models such as “Pro Set Trout” or “Cierry”)
  • RZ65ML discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Designed to use mainly at fresh stream and middle part of rivers, with minnow plugs
    • Being slim, tensile/strong and having semi-parabolic action, to minimize burden that may be applied to angler’s wrist, while hard jerking for whole day
    • Long casting next to RZ75ML, helping anglers to aim at target efficiently
  • RZ68LML discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Model for catching very strong Cherry salmon at fresh stream and middle part of river
    • Tip enough to handle even lightweight minnow
    • Powerful butt to fight against big fish about 40cm
    • Flexible to adjust fishing with PE line
  • RZ75ML discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Ensuring long casting and easy lure handling, for fishing at lakes and middle part of rivers
    • New guide system helping anglers to transmit power from blank to lures efficiently
      => Anglers can easily cast in various ways: casting to accurate point or to wide areas.
    • Minimizing burden anglers may feel, by optimizing reel seat position and weight balance
  • RZ78LML discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Model for catching red spotted trout at main stream
    • Sharp tip to handle the rod sensitively
    • Powerful butt to fight against fish even under strong tides
    • Long casting capability
    • Less burden even when twitching consecutively
    • Flexible to adjust fishing with PE line
  • RZ87H discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Effective for catching cherry salmon
    • Special model for controlling lures with high water resistance such as heavy sinking plugs or deep diving minnows at watery rivers due to mountain snow runoff
    • Flexible rod blank for using PE line
    • Overwhelming cast performance
    • Strong butt enough to withstand power of giant fish over 60cm
  • RZ53UL-BC discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Tuned up to Bait-Casting type from RZ53UL (Twitchin'), which is good at handling lightweight lure
    • Capability to cast lightweight plugs at accurate point makes sensitive and speedy fishing
    • Effective in various fishing styles, such as fishing with spoon using traditional reel, and fishing with minnow using high-end / lightweight reel
  • RZ56L-BC discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Tune-up from TENRYU existing Jerkin’ model (useful at whole creeks), to be used for baitcasting.
    • Casting at accurate points without releasing excessive line, enabling anglers to move lure at the same time when it reaches at water surface
    • Micro guide system restraining excessive movement, maximizing benefits of slim / lightweight blank
  • RZ75M-BC discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Enabling to cast in various directions and fight with fish powerfully even under tough condition, such as weedy areas
    • Versatile rod used with various lures, such as minnows 7cm in length to spoon baits 18g in weight
    • Traditional model that is effective for drifting spoon baits at mainstream or middle part of river, or gradual lure sinking at lake
  • RZ85MH-BC discontinued in Sept.2019

    • Effective for fishing giant trout at mainstream or lake
    • High cast performance utilizing the rod length
    • Baitcasting rod good at drifting at stream or sinking lures deep
    • Flexible tip with castability to cover most lures
    • Butt enough to withstand pull power of target fish moving to the fastest current of rivers


( m [ft])
2019RZ39LL S 1.14[3'9"] 2 R 59 1-8 1-5 110 1.2 52 95/5
2019RZ53UL S 1.60[5'3"] 2 R 82 1-6 1-4 185 1.4 61 85/15
2019RZ56L S 1.68[5'6"] 2 R 86 2-8 3-6 185 1.4 68 84/16
2019RZ65ML S 1.96[6'5"] 2 R 100 3-12 3-8 265 1.4 87 85/15
2019RZ68LML S 2.03[6'8"] 2 R 104 2-10 3-5 230 1.4 86 85/15
2019RZ75ML S 2.26[7'5"] 2 R 115 3-18 3-8 265 1.4 98 85/15
2019RZ78LML S 2.34[7'8"] 2 R 119 2-12 3-6 265 1.4 100 85/15
2019RZ87H S 2.62[8'7"] 2 R 134 7-30 8-16 315 2.0 124 96/4
2019RZ53UL-BC B 1.60[5'3"] 2 R 82 1-6 1-4 150 1.4 74 85/15
2019RZ56L-BC B 1.68[5'6"] 2 R 86 2-8 3-6 150 1.4 79 84/16
2019RZ75M-BC B 2.26[7'5"] 2 R 115 5-20 4-10 230 1.6 111 85/15
2019RZ85MH-BC B 2.57[8'5"] 2 R 131 5-25 6-14 280 1.6 119 85/15