Fates Basic Master

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  • Lure = Artificial flies
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

  • Born with a sensational feeling, Basic Master has been loved for a long time. We reviewed the action and refined the parts. Like the previous series with "comfortable" swingability, stress-free action had been taken over from the previous series. It is a satisfying series for every level of anglers.


  • A SiC ring guide is used for the stripping guide.  As for the line class of #5 and above SiC ring guide is also used for the top guide to prevent deterioration due to wear.
<Reel Seat>
  • For #3 ~ #4 Line class a cigar type cork is used. Ritz type cork is adopted for #5 line class and above. Extension butt is adopted to #8 line class as a grip end.

Rod description and use:

  • FBM703-2

    • Model suitable for twitching of small minnows and jerk. The low elastic tubular tip of the Magna-Flex manufacturing method prevents the bite from coming off, and we improved the operability by giving tension from belly to butt. It is also useful at streams and for use with awareness of lifts and falls at the bottom.
  • FBM763-2

    • Basic rod length for stream. It is a model that can be used in mountain streams of various sizes ranging from a yamame in early spring to a char in summer mountain stream.  It also enables long casting when targeting rise on the stream pool.
  • FBM803-2

    • The best length for targeting open stream and brook on early spring. It is made to manage the action from medium range to long range. It is also an enjoyable rod for dry-fly fishing and nymphing fishing at managed fishing spot.
  • FBM804-2

    • On a windy day of early spring there are many situations to use have No. 4 fishing line which has more power than No. 3. When casting a larger fly, superior line turn is and moderate power enable it to correspond to larger trout. It is the best model for dry fly fishing at winter “catch and release” fishing spot and nymph fishing at managed fishing spot.
  • FBM865-2

    • Easy to swing and a light length, an ideal model for practicing fly casting fishing. A recommending product for beginners. It is easy to use to aim for large trout on medium scale mountain stream and managed fishing spot.
  • FBM905-2

    • A best model for wet fly fishing on main stream and winter “catch and release“ fishing spot . It can deal with oncorhynchus masou of main stream and to the intense pulling of the rainbow trout. It can be used widely including fishing mainly retrieve and nymph fishing at managed fishing spot or other areas.
  • FBM906-2

    • The best model for the shooting head fishing on lake and pond type managed fishing spot in a where long casting is required. Not only for shooting head fishing but for floating fishing as well. It is easy to control weight forward fly line, also capable to aim for fish rise by far casting.
  • FBM918-2

    • It is a model suitable for aiming at large trouts by far casting with a lake or a large pound type managed fishing spot. It can be used widely from shooting head to floating line. At the Grip end, extension butt is adopted for the assumed fight with a big fish.


( m [ft])
FBM703-2 #3 2.14[7'0"] 2 TYPE:A 1.4 109 59 77/23
FBM763-2 #3 2.29[7'6"] 2 TYPE:A 1.6 117 65 77/23
FBM803-2 #3 2.44[8'0"] 2 TYPE:A 1.6 125 69 77/23
FBM804-2 #4 2.44[8'0"] 2 TYPE:A 1.8 125 75 77/23
FBM865-2 #5 2.59[8'6"] 2 TYPE:B 1.8 133 81 83/17
FBM905-2 #5 2.74[9'0"] 2 TYPE:B 1.8 141 91 77/23
FBM906-2 #6 2.74[9'0"] 2 TYPE:B 2.0 141 91 83/17
FBM918-2 #8 2.77[9'1"] 2 TYPE:C 1.8 142 97 86/14