Suported by craftmanship,50th years

We have lived for fishing rod and "made in Japan" for half century.
We started from "Hexagon Rod" made of natural bamboo material.
Then we have produced over 10,000 items for this period.
They have given many stories to the anglers not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.
Now many Japanese makers naturaly move their production base to overseas.
So we continue to be particular about "made in Japan" to offer high-quality and products that excite Japanese sencibility.

Our name "TENRYU" is from TENRYU river that flow near our town IIDA Nagano.
TENRYU river is long & wide and has same name from upstream to downstream.
It has something in common with our company who keep going with originality.

"Hexagon rod" was our first best selling item and long-seller in US market with high evaluation.
We have experienced various technology and knowledge by this production.
And we learned about action and taper as the base of fishing rod.

It is connected to successive rods.
When we started to produce the rods by Glass Fiber material around 1960's, we produced first domestic Bass Rod in cooperation with US Fishing rod company.
It was just "SPEED STICK" and we can't talk about domestic lure fishing without this.
Glass fiber rod expanded fishing culture explosively in fresh water and salt water.

And it has changed to carbon fiber material.
People has able to enjoy various hobby with economic prosperity and also fishing style is broken down. So we always need evolution.
For example, newest blank construction with mixture of variuous elastic modulus and characteristic materials, multistep taper, multilayer etc.
Then the performance of rod has improved spectacularly about action, lightness and strength.

Now we are in age of NANO technology.
And we realized the further strength beyond the limit so far by mixing "C.N.T(Carbon Nano Tube)..
The fishing has reached to the new stage with latest material.
But introduction of latest material and technology is possible with constant effort of craftsman in our own factory.

The production of fishing rod has many process and it is complcated, so it is maintained by skilled craftsman.
They always challenge something new and develop attractive rod.
It is the theme for us to last forever.
We always have problem according to the change of circumstance and fashion.

But we need to make effort to keep fishing field and fishing culture not only for own company but also whole society.
We continue to offer the fishing tackle to enjoy and create new environment.
It is the task for us.