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  • Lure = Squid lures
  • Lure = Jig heads
  • Cuttlefish
  • Cutlass fish
  • Horse mackerel
  • Rockfish

Rod Concept:

『Utility Tip-Run model』
  • Maximize the ability of Eging rod at off shore Useable for super light game at offshore game such as Tip-Run Egging, IKA-metal game, deep Ajing, and light tackle metal jigging, You can enjoy for various targets depending on your idea.


  • Minimize shake of blanks and its fast coverage make easy to catch a bite
  • Magna-Flex method and a sensitive carbon solid tip are adopted also designed smooth bend action responding to load.
  • C・N・T material add tenacity to butt section
  • Featuring NISHIJIN textile at joint section.
  • Stainless frame and small ID sic ring. LDB guide at tip-section and K guide loaded from belly to butt part
    ※ Please make sure to use recommended LINE to avoid trouble
<Reel Seat>
  • Our original NISHIJIN Textile is used on fore grip and reel seat of all items.
  • Top-part: Having color thread for easy to watch.
  • Blanks: Painted in silver, very easy to view.
  • Please enjoy fishing by slow or soft casting style such as "underhand cast" because this rod has an ultra-delicate tip.
    (Breakage caused by cast might be unwarranted, depending on conditions of use.)
  • Do not jerk the lure forcefully. Instead, please jerk subtly or swirl it to attract the target fish.
  • Please do not bend the rod tip too much when landing your hooked fish. It is also good idea to use landing net or squid gaff.

Rod description and use:

  • BFT5112S-MLS

    • Finesse model captured tough situation, and shallow area.
    • Suited to control 20g-35g EGI at depth10m-30m area.
    • Thanks to sensitive tip section allows to take touch subtly from squid at shallow area or small tide: boat flows slowly.
    • Rod length is set for good handling and easy to watch subtle move of tip.
    • Vertical-Ajing, under 45g IKA-metal, 10-25g super light jigging at shallow area (PE line under 0.8, leader under 12lbs is recommended)
  • BFT672S-MS

    • Versatile model aiming to cover from shallow to deep area,Suited to control 25g~40g.EGI at depth20m~40m area
    • Suitable length for handling at big boat, Action not making anglers feel boat shaking, and tip detecting subtle bite.
    • Suitable for casting to search wide area under small tide and windless situation, also useable Max 56g IKA-metal, Deep Ajing and 10-40g super light jigging. (PE line under 1, leader under recommended)
  • BFT632S-MHS

    • Powerful model aiming big monster and deep area
    • The model focused on monster squid and aiming for deep and heavy current area.
    • Suited for 30g-50g at depth 20m-50m area and also useable for over 70g Egi.
    • Thanks for sensitive tip section to take small bite at deep area, and powerful butt section to manage with heavy current and big monster.
    • Useable for super light jigging with 20-60g metal jigs. (PE line under 1, leader under12lbs. is recommended)


( m [ft])
BFT5112S-MLS S 1.80[5'11"] 2 R 93 MAX60 (Cast MAX25) MAX0.8 310 0.8 82 98/2
BFT672S-MS S 2.00[6'7"] 2 RF 103 MAX80 (Cast MAX30) MAX1.0 310 0.8 87 98/2
BFT632S-MHS S 1.90[6'3"] 2 RF 98 MAX100 (Cast MAX35) MAX1.0 310 0.9 87 98/2