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Lure/ Target:

  • Lure = Squid lures
  • Squid

Rod Concept:

  • Exclusive rod for squid fishing with jig
    • Named“AR (All Rounder)”aiming at Teuthida
    • Helping to enjoy simple and profound game, using metal jigs or metal squid lures
    • Extremely sharp and sensitive blank made by “Magna Flex” method that has succeeded from TENRYU “TR Concept” models


  • Consisting from the following Carbon Flex model and Glass Flex model (Newly added!):
    • Glass Flex (Clearly detecting subtle bite): AR75S-FLL, AR66B-FML, AR68B-FL, AR70B-FLL
    • Carbon Flex (Sharp and sensitive): AR64S-L, AR73S-L, AR77B-L
  • Having KR guide system to reduce rod weight and prevent missing very light bite
  • Tip: Having color thread in easy view
  • Blank: Painted in silver, easy view at night
  • Please enjoy fishing by slow or soft casting style such as “underhand cast” because this rod has an ultra delicate tip.
    (Breakage caused by cast might be unwarranted, depending on conditions of use.)

Rod description and use:

  • AR75S-FLL discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Good for Long Cast and Lure making use of the length
    • Easy to find the bite visualy thanks to Glass Flex Tip
    • Using Lever brake reel make Range Control easy
  • AR66B-FML discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Effective with Heavy weight Metal SUTTE and OMORIGU at deep water , complicated tide and swift current area etc.
    • Having both of Power for parasol size and Sencitivity thanks to Glass Flex Tip
  • AR68B-FL discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Easy to control
    • Glass flex method give a tip defecting subtle bite
    • Belly and butt with tensile, allowing stable shake
  • AR70B-FLL discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Effective for staying underwater, reeling slowly
    • Action not making anglers feel boat shaking, and tip detecting subtle bite, as a result, we can easily detect subtle bite
  • AR64S-L discontinued in Jan.2018

    • Easy handling at relatively shallow areas
    • Sharp tip catching sensitive touch of squid, which results in quick hooking
    • Having butt power enough to land giant squid (as big as an umbrella) with less burden
  • AR73S-L discontinued in Jan.2018

    • Good at stroking long when you can expect many fishbites by fall or jerk
    • Enabling to approaching targets in many ways
    • Effective also for tip-run fishing, aiming at Bigfin reef squid using EGI (squid lure) 30g or less (such as on a boat with low water line)
  • AR77B-L discontinued in Jan.2018

    • Baitcasting model for aiming at accurate depth where target fish exists, even if it moves up and down very frequently
    • Effective for various fishing such as long stroke fishing, shaking or reeling with a single jerk


( m [ft])
2023AR75S-FLL S 2.26[7'5"] 2 116 18-80/5-20 0.3-1.0 405 1.2 93 93/7
2023AR66B-FML B 1.98[6'6"] 2 102 45-150/12-40 0.6-1.0 350 1.6 95 94/6
2023AR68B-FL B 2.03[6'8"] 2 104 18-90/5-25 0.3-1.0 350 1.2 98 93/7
2023AR70B-FLL B 2.14[7'0"] 2 109 18-80/5-20 0.3-1.0 350 1.2 94 93/7
2018AR64S-L S 1.93[6'4"] 2 (D.H) 156 18-60/5-15 0.3-1.0 325 1.2 97 85/15
2018AR73S-L S 2.21[7'3"] 2 (D.H) 184 18-60/5-15 0.3-1.0 325 1.2 105 84/16
2018AR77B-L B 2.31[7'7"] 2 (D.H) 182 18-80/5-20 0.3-1.0 400 1.2 149 87/13