BRIGADE TR concept

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  • Lure = Squid lures
  • Cuttlefish


<Action ideal for “tip run”>
  • Special model made from three different elastic modulus of graphite material
    • Tip section: lower-modulus graphite material (ensuring sensitive and accurate casting)
    • Rod’s middle section: middle-modulus graphite material (ensuring lively action of the squid lure)
    • Butt section: higher-modulus graphite material (withstanding power of giant squid)
    • Off-centered joint: Tip section being longer than butt section An extension pipe is attached to butt section to prevent breakage of sensitive tip section while the rod is stored. Please remove the extension pipe from the butt section before connecting the two sections for use.
  • Off-centered joint and semi-parabolic action, which reduce fatigue anglers may feel even if they jerk their rods for whole day
<Thread’s color for improving visibility>
  • Optic orange threads used at three points of tip guides to ensure easy seeing of squid’s touching squid lure
<Guide setting minimizing stress>
  • Preventing line tangle even with ultra-light class PE line by using the following guides
    • Tip section: stainless steel frame LDB guide
    • Butt and rod’s middle section: stainless steel frame K series guide

Tip Run Eging

“Tip Run Eging” is the squid fishing method, where anglers realize the fishing line loosening (with delicate rod tip) at a moment when squid touches the squid lure, and then they pull the line right after the squid’s hit. It has become possible to feel the subtlest touch of squids that angles have ever felt.
Anglers can search for wide area riding on a fishing boat, and seek for a squid only with squid lure itself until 50m deep sea area by using ultra light-class PE line. Therefore, this rod helps anglers to fish squids at fresh fishing spots.

  1. After the cast squid lure reaches to the sea bottom, jerk several times.
  2. Pause for a while after jerking, and wait for a fish catching lure with stretching fishing line.
  3. Move your lure to the target squid when feeling it hits the lure enough to move the rod tip back to its original position.
    If you do not feel anything touching the lure, start jerking with the lure reaching to the sea bottom and repeat that action.

Rod description and use:

  • BTC75H discontinued in Jan.2019

    • Helping anglers to aim at over 50m deep sea, the deepest for tip-run eging
    • Ensuring easy casting of heavy squid lure (40g or more) even under strong current or at over 30m deep sea
  • BTC76L discontinued in Jan.2019

    • Effective especially when a ship moves slowly due to slow current or a moderate wind
    • Effective fishing with squid lure approx. 30g, at the depth of approx. 20m
  • BTC77M discontinued in Jan.2019

    • Sensitive enough to feel Bigfin Reef Squid touching the lure when aiming at deep sea from late fall to early spring, or when a ship moves fast due to a strong wind
    • Effective fishing with squid lure approx. 35g, at the depth of approx. 20m


( m [ft])
2019BTC75H S 2.26[7'5"] 2 (O.C.C) R 128 2.5-4.0 PE0.3-0.8 300 1.2 118 85/15
2019BTC76L S 2.29[7'6"] 2 (O.C.C) R 130 2.5-3.5 PE0.3-0.6 300 1.2 113 82/18
2019BTC77M S 2.31[7'7"] 2 (O.C.C) R 133 2.5-4.0 PE0.3-0.8 330 1.2 117 81/19