HORIZON Progressive

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  • Lure = Jigs
  • Medium-sized blue back fishes
  • Sea bream
  • flat fish
  • Rockfish

Rod Concept:

  • Flagship model being state of the art
    • The latest model in Horizon series with the improved handleability and durability
    • Designed offshore light game
    • Ergonomic design with minimum decoration


  • High modulus blank with tenacity by CNT material
  • Easy to control jigs according to anglers wish
  • Sufficient reflection strength
  • Titanium frame K-series guide with Torzite ring
  • Torzite ring being lightweight and smooth, providing anglers to enjoy sensitivity and comfortable reel feeling
  • Spinning type top guide only SiC ring
<Reel Seat>
  • Our original NISHIJIN textile is used at Reel Seat.
  • Simple shape, yet the best performance
■ Cautionary notes
  • To easily pull target fish apart from the point between rocks, you had better handle your reel only without pulling up the rod.
  • Maximum reel drag setting needs to be done properly.

Rod description and use:

  • HPG66B-ML

    • Lightweight model effective with jigs approx. 100g
    • Effective at bay area and lower depth
    • Sufficient sharpness and reflecting strength
  • HPG66B-M

    • Medium-weight model effective with jigs approx. 100-150g
    • Sharp blank easy to detect jig’s movement
    • Main models of HPG series with handleability and tenacity
  • HPG66B-MH

    • Medium/heavy weight model effective with jigs approx. 180g
    • Effective at various places inshore even at deep sea
    • Light feeling and tenacious to withstand heavy load, more than the existing HSL66B-MH
  • HPG66B-H

    • Heavy weight model effective with jigs approx. 250g
    • Effective for jigging at deep sea
    • Sharp and tenacious blank inherited from HSL66B-H
    • Sufficient reflecting strength by effect of CNT material
  • HPG612S-M

    • Test the limits of light tackle
    • Designed for the angler who aim big fish with light tackle
    • Based on HLJ611S-FM and loaded low elasticity carbon and Magnaflex method on tip
    • It makes sharp manipulate ability and soft tip to catch bite certainly
    • Arranged to control 100~150g Jig around the depth 100m
  • HPG632S-ML

    • “NEGGING” custom model
    • This is a specific jigging model for NEGGING style based on HLJ63S-L which had amazing fishing result.
    • It is effective for short pitch jerk at a depth around 70m and jig around 120g.
    • Appropriate long rear grip for straight pumping and corresponds unexpected big game.
  • HPG642S-LL

    • Super Light model for leading the next generation
    • It combines sensitivity to control light jig and butt power to manage of big fish
    • Based on HLJ631S-FLL and loaded low elasticity carbon and Magnaflex method on tip
    • It makes smooth bending curve and sensitivity better
    • Suitable for jig around 60g at area up to depth 50m
    • Large DIA ring enable to use light line system and Short grip makes under hand casting easy


( m [ft])
HPG66B-ML B 1.98[6'6"] 1 R 198 MAX150 (Best100) 25 0.6-1.5 4.0 405 2.0 121 93/7
HPG66B-M B 1.98[6'6"] 1 R 198 MAX200 (Best150) 30 0.8-2 5.0 405 2.0 125 92/8
HPG66B-MH B 1.98[6'6"] 1 R 198 MAX230 (Best180) 35 0.8-2 5.5 405 2.0 139 92/8
HPG66B-H B 1.98[6'6"] 1 R 198 MAX300 (Best250) 35 0.8-2.5 5.5 405 2.2 150 92/8
HPG612S-M S 1.86[6'1"] 2 (D.H) R 140 MAX200 (Best150) - MAX2.0 5.0 455 1.5 109 93/7
HPG632S-ML S 1.90[6'3"] 2 (D.H) RS 141 MAX150 (Best120) - MAX2.0 3.0 500 1.8 112 92/8
HPG642S-LL S 1.93[6'4"] 2 (D.H) RS 152 MAX100 (Best60) - MAX1.5 2.5 410 1.4 97 90/10