Privacy Policy

  • Declaration regarding Tenryu privacy policy
    Tenryu Corporation (hereinafter called “Tenryu”) safely secures your personal information in our corporate activities. Tenryu sets the following policies to secure personal information, and all of our executive officers and employees make the best effort to appropriately use and secure your personal information.
  • Privacy Policy
    Collecting, using and sharing your personal information
    1. Collecting the personal information
      Tenryu may collect the minimum level of personal information:
      • Contact details of a purchaser for the use of warranty repair
      • Any other associated purposes
      In any of these cases, Tenryu would like ask you to provide the information on your own will.
    2. Information collected
      Tenryu may ask you to provide your contact details, such as name, postal code, address, phone number and e-mail address, but it is up to you whether you could provide them or not. However, you may not be able to use some particular services if they do not provide some of your contact details.
    3. Using personal information
      Tenryu uses the personal information for the following purposes:
      • To confirm your identity when delivering the product or information you have ordered
      • To make necessary confirmation for providing service registered by customers
      • Other occasions when necessary to contact you for business operations
    4. Sharing personal information
      Tenryu does NOT either collect or use the personal information without prior consent given by you. Tenryu uses the personal information only for the purpose you consent. Tenryu does NOT give it to a third party, unless your consent is already given or the information is required by laws/regulations.
    5. Securing your data
      Tenryu takes reasonable organizational precautions to continuously improve security for securing the information (enough to prevent loss, misuse, alteration and leakage of the information).
    6. Compliance with related rules and regulations
      Tenryu collects, uses and secures the personal information as per our privacy policy, related rules or regurations.