POWER MASTER Heavy core ('16)

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  • Lure = Pencil baits
  • Lure = Big Minnows
  • Lure = Jigs
  • Big blue back fishes
  • Medium-sized blue back fishes

Rod Concept:

Powerful shore game
  • Flagship model of this series
  • Usable for fishing the biggest target fish that can be caught inshore
  • Tenacity and strength improved by CNT material
  • Effective for fishing with heavyweight jigs and bigger plugs such as pencil bait and popping lures
  • "H" Models (e.g. PMH96H): semi-parabolic action
    "HH" Models (e.g. PMH96HH): fast action


  • Made from CNT material to obtain outstanding tenacity
  • Titanium frame K-series guide with Torzite rings and the strengthened Ocean guide with SiC rings
  • Pencil bait/ Big minnow/ Jig
  • “NISHIJIN textile” is featured at Butt section and reel seat

Rod description and use:

  • PMH96H discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Short rod effective with metal jigs approx. 80g or bigger plug
    • Easy to use at bank and rocky shore on a low scaffold
    • Less burden even after continuous cast and jerk and provide concentration not to miss sudden vite
  • PMH96HH discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Short rod easy to control while being powerful
    • Tensile tip/belly to control jig by its reflecting power
    • Effective with jigs approx. 100g
    • Short length provides less burden even after repeating hard jerking
  • PMH100H discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Versatile medium-long rod ensuring cast distance and handleability in well balance
    • Easy to control for casting and useable on a high scaffold
    • Designed to use jigs approx. 80g or diving pencil bait approx. 60-80g, with flexible and strong tip
  • PMH100HH discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Versatile heavyweight model having strength, handleability and castability
    • Sufficient power to control the fish at rocky area
    • Fast action to lift up target rushing to deep area
    • Effective with jigs approx. 100g
    • Suitable to cast at farther area in strong current
  • PMH110H discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Long rod effective for casting farther and jerking in long stroke
    • Flexible/tensile blank to use with various kinds of lures such as jigs and big plugs
    • Sufficient butt power to catch target moving horizontally at shallow sea area
  • PMH130H discontinued in Jan.2023

    • Powerful model casting at the farthest area where small fish gathers offshore
    • Effective for fishing at beach, on a high scaffold and from farther point of rocky area
    • Preventing line from being broken even after severe fight at tetrapod or rocky point


( m [ft])
Drag MAX
2023PMH96H TYPE:F 2.89[9'6"] 2 RF 148 Best80/Max100 MAX50 2-4 7.5 505 2.4 387 99/1
2023PMH96HH TYPE:F 2.89[9'6"] 2 F 148 Best100/Max120 MAX60 3-5 9.0 505 2.4 399 99/1
2023PMH100H TYPE:F 3.05[10'0"] 2 RF 156 Best80/Max100 MAX50 2-4 7.5 505 2.4 407 99/1
2023PMH100HH TYPE:F 3.05[10'0"] 2 F 156 Best100/Max120 MAX60 3-5 9.0 505 2.4 418 99/1
2023PMH110H TYPE:F 3.35[11'0"] 2 RF 171 Best80/Max100 MAX50 2-4 7.5 505 2.4 433 99/1
2023PMH130H TYPE:F 3.96[13'0"] 3 RF 138 Best80/Max100 MAX50 2-4 7.5 545 2.4 544 99/1