2024 NEW!!
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Lure/ Target:

  • Lure = Jig heads / Seabass minnows
  • Seabass

Rod Concept:

  • Progressive Characteristics
  • Pursued the versatility on various field conditions upon the experienced Tactics of Sea Bass Fishing.
  • Extracted the elements that is necessary at field by long tome test.
  • This series wear such a "Progressive Characteristics"


  • Unpolished finish makes smooth actionButt section with C.N.T realize sharp cast feeling and tenacious power while bending
  • K-type guide with titanium frame and SIC-S ring
<Reel Seat>
  • Original NISHIJIN-Textile at Fore-grip and Reel Seat

Rod description and use:

  • SW842S-LML (Tidal Walker)

    • For "RUN & GUN"style at Bay area.
    • Fit for Bay area/ middle size of river/ canal that require mobility and casting accuracy.
    • Casting ability at pin-point in near/medium distance is improved by reinforced belly/butt part.
    • Versatility to cover various plugs at bay area.
    • Special model for active angler who cast near structure at good tempo with "RUN & GUN" style
  • SW922S-M (Overambitious)

    • Ambitious powerful model.
    • Good at heavy current and tidal bay area that require delicateness and power.
    • You can fight under a heavy current on light weight plugs thanks to sharpness and power of blanks.
    • Versatile to use plugs from minnow and vibration to spin-tail, metal jigs, and big plugs.
  • SW932S-LML (Tidal Walker)

    • For long casting at Bay area.
    • Extended rod length of Tidal Walker to aim long casting ability at bay area and middle sized river.
    • Available to shoot at hard to reach, keeping versatility and casting accuracy of SW83LML.
    • It should be final weapon at severe field with high-pressure.
  • SW972S-ML (Distance)

    • For Long casting and hunting monster.
    • Improved long casting and versatility for medium/large river at urban side, surf and tidal flats.
    • Flexible action decrease the risk of hook off thanks to spread the load.
    • Well balanced new guide setting and reinforced butt section enable further long casting ability.
  • SW1072S-ML (Variable Distance) 2024

    • Long model for both long and short distance targets. 
    • The length for outstanding long casts in vast surf areas and a soft tip effective for picking up bites at short distances, such as on shorelines. 
    • Sharp casting feel with suppleness and power to handle large sea bass.
  • SW1163S-M (Variable Master)

    • For Black-fin seabass from rocks
    • Finished for black-fin seabass at low scaffold and shallow area.
    • Flexible action keep tension of line when you fighting at over the shoreline and enable to cast at pin spot tightly.
    • Suited to the game at shoreline that requires long casting and area with lot of structures under the water.
  • SW1253S-MMH (Variable Master)

    • For Black-fin seabass from rocky shore.
    • Long length is good in limited scaffold, windy and rough field.
    • Well-balanced tenaciousness and stiffness enable sharp cast feeling and great accuracy.
    • Once in sat hook on, less chance of hook off thanks to flexible tip/ belly section.
  • SW842B-ML/M (Variable Caster)

    • General-purpose bait model for bay area
    • A bait model for high-precision casting and a variety of lures in harbors, small and medium-sized rivers, canals, etc.
    • Equipped with an ML-powered tip and M-powered butt, it can be used for all types of plugs often used in bay areas as well as large plugs such as big minnows and S-shaped plugs.
    • It enhances cast accuracy at close to medium distances and excels at delicate approaches and powerful games.
  • SW932B-ML/MH (Variable Caster)

    • Long casting & versatile bait model
    • A bait model for long casting and various lures in medium and large rivers, surf and tidal flats, etc.
    • With ML-powered tip and MH-powered butt, it is versatile enough to be used for all kinds of plugs for sea bass and big baits.
    • Wide range of line can be used, enabling anglers to intentionally change the range of lures depending on the thickness of the line, and to fight powerfully with thicker lines.


( m [ft])
SW842S-LML S 2.54[8'4"] 2 R 131 MAX 30 MAX 16 MAX 1.2 335 1.7 130 97/3
SW922S-M S 2.79[9'2"] 2 F 143 MAX 45 MAX 20 MAX 1.5 395 1.8 170 96/4
SW932S-LML S 2.82[9'3"] 2 RF 144 MAX 35 MAX 16 MAX 1.2 355 1.5 140 96/4
SW972S-ML S 2.92[9'7"] 2 RF 150 MAX 40 MAX 16 MAX 1.5 395 1.8 171 96/4
2024SW1072S-ML S 3.23[10'7"] 2 RF 166 MAX 45 MAX 16 MAX 1.5 405 1.7 175 99/1
SW1163S-M S 3.51[11'6"] 3 RF 121 MAX 50 MAX 25 MAX 2.0 430 1.9 225 97/3
SW1253S-MMH S 3.78[12'5"] 3 RF 131 MAX 55 MAX 30 MAX 2.0 430 2.1 266 99/1
SW842B-ML/M B 2.54[8'4"] 2 R 131 MAX 60 MAX 25 MAX 2.5 300 1.7 129 96/4
SW932B-ML/MH B 2.82[9'3"] 2 RF 145 MAX 70 MAX 30 MAX 3.0 325 1.6 152 96/4