2023 NEW!!
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  • Lure = Texas rigs
  • Redspotted grouper
  • Fat greenling
  • Rockfish
  • Sebastes oblongus Günther
  • Scorpion fish

Rod Concept:

  • keenness to conquer the rigid
  • A well-balanced mix of power for a strong fight, maneuverability to control rigs delicately, and sensitivity to catch the slightest changes.
  • The Hard Rockfish series is designed for a variety of situations, from finesse style in harbor areas to strong style in heavy cover.


  • All models are unsanded finish for lightweight and comfortable handling. The butt section is made of C-N-T composite to enhance the stickiness of the rod.
  • K-guide with stainless steel frame, SiC-S ring, are used. Only the spinning model butt guide has a titanium frame,
  • Nishijin-textile carbon pipe is used at the foregrip and reel seat section

Rod description and use:

  • RV712B-HH 2023

    • Short-distance & quick-hooking model
    • Good at close range approach and power fighting, also suitable for shore and boat use.
    • Offset handle for sharpness for instantaneous hooking and one-piece feel,
    • Easy handling of 14-35g rigs, sharpness to catch short bites, and power to handle heavy cover.
  • RV782B-H 2023

    • Technical Versatile Model
    • This technical model excels at bottom detection and swimming in the middle layer, and can be used with a wide range of light and heavy rigs.
    • Works well with bottom-conscious rigs of 14-28g or swimming rigs in situations where bait is floating.
    • It is useful when exploring deep water from shore port areas and by boats.
  • RV882B-HH 2023

    • Long cast & power fight model
    • It is designed for power-oriented games that excel at long casts and forceful fights with heavy tackle.
    • It is easy to handle rigs from 14 to 35g, and its excellent bottom detection ability and action for swimming rigs are attractive.
    • It excels in approaches at limited footholds and elevated areas, and has been specialized to attack heavy cover such as seaweed and tetrapods that extend offshore.
  • RV782S-M 2023

    • Short distance & power finesse model
    • Combining a soft tip and hard butt, this model excels in close-range fishing with light rigs.
    • The length setting works well for tracing the edge of caissons on embankments and for approaching from offshore.
    • Focusing on relatively lightweight rigs of 5-14g in general, the power is set to be easy to handle with rigs up to 30g as the upper limit.
    • It is used in power finesse type games where the angler boldly explores with light rigs and takes the initiative with a strong butt.
  • RV832S-M 2023

    • Long Range & Power Finess
    • Power finesse model for fishing ports, rocky shorelines, and other fields with high footholds, or when fishing requires long casts.
    • It is easy to handle rigs up to 30g, mainly 7-20g, and is highly compatible with swimming rigs.
    • It is useful all-around, from relatively light cover games to mid-water exploration in response to floating bait.
  • RV912S-MLM 2023

    • Super long casting finesse model
    • Long model designed for ultra-long casting of finesse rigs.
    • Easy to handle, especially with rigs around 14g, and full casts of 1 oz. rigs are possible.
    • Its maneuverability at long casts and action that makes it easy to avoid getting caught in the roots are also appealing.
    • We use finesse tackle to capture targets that are reluctant to bite with heavy rigs.
  • RV9112S-X 2023

    • Super long casting long model
    • This long model specializes in ultra-long casting to offshore points that have rarely been explored.
    • In addition to casting performance, an action that makes it easy to avoid getting caught in the roots and for easy maneuverability of rig.
    • Te designed fohe guides arr ultra-long casting and can be used with ultra-fine PE line.
    • Easy to handle mainly with rigs around 28g, and full casting of rigs up to 50g is possible.


( m [ft])
2023RV712B-HH B 2.16[7'1"] 2 (D.H) F 183 MAX45 MAX30 MAX2.0 270 2.3 140 97/3
2023RV782B-H B 2.34[7'8"] 2 RF 121 MAX40 MAX25 MAX2.0 305 2.2 136 98/2
2023RV882B-HH B 2.64[8'8"] 2 F 136 MAX45 MAX30 MAX2.0 350 2.4 150 98/2
2023RV782S-M S 2.34[7'8"] 2 RF 121 MAX30 MAX16 MAX1.2 335 1.7 119 98/2
2023RV832S-M S 2.51[8'3"] 2 RF 130 MAX30 MAX16 MAX1.2 395 2.0 126 98/2
2023RV912S-MLM S 2.77[9'1"] 2 R 142 MAX30 MAX14 MAX1.0 395 1.8 134 98/2
2023RV9112S-X S 3.02[9'11"] 2 R 155 MAX50 MAX30 MAX2.5 395 2.0 159 98/2