Rayz Spectra

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  • Lure = Small minnows
  • Lure = Spoon baits
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

  • Top version of RAYZ series made by continuous development
    • Using our technology and materials we have created the best balance of handling ability and cosmetics


  • Parabolic action while being slim, lightweight and tensile, inherited from the existing "Rayz" models
  • Butt section is reinforced by CNT material to maintain strength and lightweight
  • Painted body in Near Jet Black is shining Deep Violet under the sunshine

  • Titanium frame K guide with Torzite ring *
  • Torzite ring helping to cast smoothly by its low friction and reduce line tangling to the frame
  • Improved accurate casting by well-balanced combination of small diameter guide and blank
<Reel Seat>
  • Cork grip made of natural high-quality wood having characteristic grain
  • Seat ring knurled and easy to grasp with wet hand
  • Grip end with special rubber cap being anti-slip and scratch resistant

Rod description and use:

  • RZS51LL (Twitchin’ Custom)

    • Suitable for handling lightweight plug (inherited from RZ53UL)
    • High performance for casting and controllability of lightweight plug
    • Accurate and crisp action enough to fight against suspicious creek fish
  • RZS53LML (Jerkin’ Custom)

    • Suitable for handling heavyweight plug and deep diving lure (inherited from RZ56L)
    • Belly and butt sections improved to be more tenacious keeping flexibility
    • Sufficient strength for catch giant target and fish coming at tributary, even fast stream and deep points
  • RZS61LL (Twitchin’ Custom)

    • Main stream Twitchin' model
    • Technical model for aiming at cunning fish under the high pressure field.
    • It is improved for limpid stream and middle of river based on RZS51LL that is specialized for light weight plugs.
    • Extended blank for aiming at castability, at the same time it keeps sharpness rod action.
    • Sensitive handling with light weight plugs and casting ability to shoot at pin-spot as you expect.
  • RZS71ML (Jerkin’-HD Custom)

    • Model for mainstream with Jerkin’
    • Specialized model with Jerkin’ to catch going-up trout at moderate or massive river.
    • While succeeding the action of RZ65ML(Jerkin’-HD).
    • We created stable castability as 7’class by extended blank, and handleability like 6’ class by modified rod balance.
  • RZS77MMH (Mikija)

    • Wildness and Spartan model
    • It is completed upon the fights with big trout and salmon at various field in domestic and overseas.
    • Based on RZ75ML, it gives enough stiffness for casting ability of accuracy and long distance and enough torque power to fight with big one.
    • RZS77MMH named under Mikija (original species of rainbow trout) which lives in Kamchatka Krai.
    • is for all anglers who aiming at wild trout.
  • RZS82M (Pluggin’ Custom)

    • Effective for catching cherry salmon with pluggin’
    • Specialized rod action suited for plug lures to catch cherry salmons at massive river. In the process of making RZ87H. We created more torqueing and flexible action by erasing blank’s over reactions.
    • Outstanding castabilty, handleability, and flexibility with hook up, we built them up in high-balance as Pluuggin’ custom.
  • RZS51LL-BC (Twitchin’ Custom)

    • Twitchin' Custom bait casting model
    • It is well handling light weight plugs.
    • You will take advantage of bait casting, such as cast accuracy and, high response action by your input.
    • It gives outstanding sharpness feeling with micro guide system with smaller DIA.
    • It is present for an expert angler who enjoy severe situation.


( m [ft])
RZS51LL S 1.55[5'1"] 2 R 79.5 1-8 1-5 155 1.2 66 94/6
RZS53LML S 1.60[5'3"] 2 R 82.0 2-10 3-6 155 1.4 70 96/4
RZS61LL S 1.86[6'1"] 2 R 95.3 1-8 1-5 185 1.4 74 95/5
RZS71ML S 2.16[7'1"] 2 R 110.0 3-18 3-8 265 1.4 96 96/4
RZS77MMH S 2.31[7'7"] 2 R 119.6 5-25 5-12 315 1.6 123 96/4
RZS82M S 2.49[8'2"] 2 R 128.0 5-20 5-12 315 1.8 134 95/5
RZS51LL-BC B 1.55[5'1"] 2 R 79.5 1-8 1-5 115 1.2 72 95/5