Rayz Alter

2023 NEW!!
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  • Lure = Small minnows
  • Lure = Spoon baits
  • Trout

Rod Concept:

  • Free style specs for area fishing
  • This series of trout rods for area fishing can be used freely in any field, from water bodies such as lakes and ponds to natural mountain streams.With a belief in playing with style and enjoying the game with one fish, we have gathered a collection of unique models that carry on Rayz's philosophy.


  • It is a regular taper in the lineage of Rayz, and painted a dark red that shines brightly in the light.Optimized for each application, the new model includes an ultra-low modulus carbon model, a tubular tip using the Magnaflex method, and a solid carbon tip.
  • K-guide (titanium frame, SiC ring) is used. Compatible with nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra-fine PE, and ester lines.
  • Natural wood material and Nishijin-textile carbon pipe are combined together.
  • The unique grain of the wood and the weave of the Nishijin brocade express a one-of-a-kind design.
  • The grip ends are fitted with original rubber caps that prevent slipping and scratching.
  • The grain of the wood is natural and no two pieces are alike. It may also deteriorate depending on usage conditions.

Rod description and use:

  • RZA5102S-LLT (Variable Crankin') 2023

    • Crankin' sticks for all speed ranges
    • The entire blank is made of ultra-low modulus carbon, and its tolerance range is compatible with a wide range of lures at a wide range of speeds, regardless of how strong or weak the winding resistance is.It is adept at handling a variety of crankbaits in stopwaters and downstream in stream-based fields. By using a line with low stretching, it maximizes the characteristics of the blank.
  • RZA602S-MLMT (Midge Minnowin’) 2023

    • A modern version of midge minnow in
    • This model is designed for stop-and-go fishing with floating minnows using vertical jerks, and for lifting and falling lures with an eye on the bottom.Low modulus tubular tip by Magnaflex method makes bites difficult to repel, and the tension from the belly to the butt improves lure handling.
      It works well in area to stream fields, from pond-type stopwaters to mountain streams.
  • RZA612S-LT (Midge Crankin') 2023

    • Area Versatile Model
    • This model is designed for spoons and plugs in general, which are easy to handle at low to medium retrieve speeds.The low elasticity tubular tip utilizing the Magnaflex method makes it difficult to repel the target's bite and transmits signals from the water to the angler, making it a model that excels at aggressively hooking the fish.This model is suitable for fast developing games, such as when there is high activity.
  • RZA622S-ULS (Midge Spoonin') 2023

    • Model for micro lure
    • This model is designed for lures that are easy to handle at very low to slow retrieve speeds, such as micro spoons.Low-modulus tubular tip made by Magnaflex method with an ultra-thin solid carbon tip.The lure's behavior can be easily captured with low reeling resistance, and even a weak bite can be caught by the lure.This model is suitable for capturing targets that are slow to become active, such as in fields where the water is still at a standstill.


( m [ft])
2023RZA5102S-LLT S 1.78[5'10"] 2 R 92 MAX5 MAX4 MAX0.6 185 1.6 83 87/13
2023RZA602S-MLMT S 1.83[6'0"] 2 R 94 MAX6 MAX6 MAX0.8 185 1.2 85 94/6
2023RZA612S-LT S 1.86[6'1"] 2 R 95 MAX5 MAX5 MAX0.6 185 1.1 85 96/4
2023RZA622S-ULS S 1.88[6'2"] 2 R 97 MAX4 MAX4 MAX0.4 185 0.8 80 95/5