News & Topix Apr.-2022

  • Apr.-13-2022
    [Important] Please beware of fake (spoofed) Instagram accounts.
    Thank you for your continued patronage of TENRYU products.
    We have confirmed the existence of a fake account posing as our official Instagram account "@tenryu.japan".
    Fake accounts use our logo image, but are not affiliated with us in any way.
    Also, you may receive DMs (direct messages) from fake accounts.
    If you click on the URL listed, there is a possibility that the recipient's information or personal information will be obtained by the sender and misused.
    If you receive a suspicious DM, please do not access the URL and delete the DM itself, and block the fake account to prevent damage.
    Other similar fake accounts may exist. Please be sure to check your username and other information.
    We have reported that the confirmed fake accounts are spoofed.