News & Topix Aug.-2010

  • Aug.-31-2010
    Announce release of Tenryu new models “ Tenryu Cap New Color : GREEN”
  • Aug.-23-2010
    Announce release of Tenryu new models “ BRIGADE Tip Run Eging ”
    • Having ideal action in accordance with “Tip run” method for squid fishing while riding on a boat
      • Special model made from three different elastic modulus of graphite material
        • Tip section: made by a special method to ensure sensitive and accurate casting
        • Rod’s middle section: ensuring lively action of the squid lure
        • Butt section: withstanding power of giant squid
    • The following features minimizing fatigue anglers may feel even if they jerk their rods for whole day
      • Off-centered joint* to ensure the best action
      • Semi-parabolic action
    • All the models having the following guides to prevent line tangle even with ultra-light class PE line, which can minimize stress anglers may feel
      • Stainless steel frame KW guide (double-foot guide with slant shaped frame)
      • Stainless steel frame LDB guide

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